Computer and electricals from all your favourite brands

Electricals from all your favourite brands -

Electricals from all your favourite brands

Electricals Shop at Very
Our electricals shop is designed to make your life easier - and much more fun. We have the latest appliances to make cooking an absolute pleasure (and clearing up afterwards a breeze). Whether you're looking for an energy-efficient tumble dryer or a new home telephone, you'll find it here. Household gadgets such as dishwashers and cordless vacuum cleaners can help to speed up your cleaning routine, leaving you more time to pop the kettle on and explore the more playful side of our electricals range.

Tech Shop for Playtime
Choosing the right tech for your downtime is just as essential as finding the latest time-saving invention. From smart watches for the gym to Kindles for the sofa, our tech shop delivers the latest and best in personal electronic devices. Discover incredibly immersive viewing experiences with our range of televisions, including big brands like LG and Samsung. Blu-ray players, home cinema systems and fantastic audio options can all help to complete your in-house entertainment, or check out in-car DVD players to keep the kids occupied on long trips. We even have sat-navs and dashcams to help the journey run smoothly.

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Acer Predator - Performance PC for your Gaming -

Acer Predator - Performance PC for your Gaming

Predator is the new product series dedicated to PC Gaming from Acer:
Desktop, Notebook, Tablet and Monitors for a complete gaming experience.

  • Get access to over 100 high-quality PC games on Windows 10! With a one month subscription to Game Pass you can download and play new games as soon as they launch!
    Bigger, stronger and with plenty of power to spare. Tackle every game with Helios at your back.
    Play where you want, when you want, with thinner laptops imbued with the latest hardware.
    Within the chiseled, iconic chassis lays a monster in wait. Push every extreme and feed the beast.
    The window to your game should be the best, whether going curved, flat, 4K or FHD. Treat yourself to perfection.
    Outfit your setup with hyper-responsive mice, mechanical keyboards, audio-rich headsets and comfy gaming chairs.
    No more tables. Command your entire setup from one spot with these all-in-one gaming chairs » Predator Thronos Air